Shanxi high-tech products serve Beijing 2022


Updated: 2022-02-10

Enterprises based in North China's Shanxi province have contributed advanced technology to ensuring the success of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, which started in and around the national capital of Beijing on Feb 4.

Here are some high-tech products made in Shanxi being used in the Beijing Olympics. 

Venue sterilization robot

The venue sterilization robot manufactured by Shanxi Zhongke Lu'an Advanced Ultraviolet Optoelectronics Technology Co can efficiently and autonomously carry out deep ultraviolet disinfection in sports venues, automatically avoid obstacles, measure temperatures in real time, and capture faces in photographs. 

Package sterilizer

Another high-tech product made by Shanxi Zhongke Lu'an Advanced Ultraviolet Optoelectronics Technology Co, this package sterilizer equipped with 5,000 deep ultraviolet LED chips inside can disinfect and sterilize packages within six minutes.

Smart security gate

Manufactured by Datong Kuai'an Technology Co, this security gate can classify and identify prohibited items, identify individuals, measure body temperatures, and take snapshot. 

Ice-making pipes for National Speed Skating Oval

Taiyuan Iron & Steel (Group) Co (TISCO) has supplied high-quality stainless steel for the carbon dioxide transcritical direct-cooling ice machine system being used at National Speed Skating Oval. The ice-making system can reduce energy use by as much as 50 percent and is considered to be a green and energy-efficient solution.

Generator set of energy storage power station

In the construction of the first phase of the Fengning Pumped Storage Power Station, TISCO provided a key material for the two generator sets – a 700MPa high-grade magnetic pole steel, which guarantees green power supply for the venues of the Beijing 2022.

Bobsleigh and bobsleigh helmets

Domestic bobsleigh and bobsleigh helmets are made of carbon fiber materials manufactured by TISCO. The composite materials can reduce the weight of bobsleighs and prevent athletes from being injured in crashes.