Taiyuan industrial park favors business growth


The Taiyuan Intelligent Industrial Park, located in Yingze district of Taiyuan in North China's Shanxi province, has injected strong impetus into local industrial development.

The industrial park is a national entrepreneurial innovation demonstration base focused on the high-end medical equipment and intelligent food and medicine equipment industries. Since it began operating in 2015, it has employed over 4,500 people and generated more than 6 billion yuan ($943.25 billion) in total revenue.

According to the different growth stages of enterprises, the industrial park has provided targeted entrepreneurship and innovation guidance training, technical manufacturing services, and investment and financing support, and established a full-industrial chain assistance system.

To offer entrepreneurship and innovation support, the Taiyuan Intelligent Industrial Park has gradually formed an industrial cluster of small and medium-sized enterprises involved in food and medicine equipment manufacturing and incubated and developed 287 enterprises. In 2021, the total revenue of enterprises in the park reached a record 1.56 billion yuan.

Enterprises in the industrial park have made significant scientific research achievements in recent years due to the introduction and cultivation of talents.

Ni Ribei, chairman of Taiyuan Intelligent Industrial Park Management Co, said that the industrial park has established a long-term linkage mechanism with 10 colleges and universities, introducing and cultivating 216 talents and incubating 50 projects. 

Also, through developing platforms for technological research and development, manufacturing, and achievement transformation, the industrial park has helped local enterprises overcome more than 100 key technical problems, make over 50 scientific and technological achievements, and obtain 713 national patents.

Taiyuan's first shared scientific research platform recently began operating in the industrial park, boosting the development of small and micro-sized enterprises in food and medicine equipment manufacturing.

Local enterprises can now more easily seek cooperation and help from domestic and foreign universities and research institutes through the platform to solve technical problems. Universities can also share their cooperation needs on the platform and promote the application of scientific research results. 

"Innovation is key to the development and growth of an enterprise, and the shared scientific research platform will remove barriers to innovation among small and micro-sized enterprises and promote stronger development," Ni said.

In addition, the Taiyuan Intelligent Industrial Park has helped enterprises integrate into the development of the Belt and Road Initiative and offered a platform of communication and cooperation to 110 enterprises in the park, 200 domestic and foreign enterprises, and over 100 professional teams, with many enterprises receiving business opportunities.

For instance, epidemic prevention and control equipment developed and produced by Shanxi Ruifei Machinery Manufacturing Co, which is based in the park, has been exported to 47 countries and regions, contributing Chinese resources to global epidemic prevention and control efforts.

Next, the park will be ready to undertake the transfer of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. This year, it plans to invest 20 million yuan to establish a post-doctoral research workstation and a provincial technology innovation center. In the next three years, 30 million yuan in startup incubation funds will be introduced to promote the rapid growth of a number of innovative enterprises.