Business environment a top government priority

By Yuan Shenggao (China Daily)

Updated: 2022-01-29


A delegate to the sixth session of the 13th Shanxi People's Congress puts forward proposals at the meeting. [Photo by Li Zhaomin for China Daily]

With improving the business environment remaining high on the government's agenda in Shanxi, local business representatives said they are confident in the future development of their enterprises.

During the sixth session of the 13th Shanxi People's Congress and the fifth session of the 12th Shanxi People's Political Consultative Conference held concurrently from Jan 19-23 in the provincial capital of Taiyuan, Shanxi Governor Lan Fo'an said in his government work report that creating a good business environment is crucial to improving the province's competitiveness and supporting its high-quality growth.

"We should continue to make efforts to create a predictable, reliable and sustainable business environment for enterprises based on the principles of the rule of law and market orientation and according to international standards and practices," Lan said.

The governor added that the business circle is the major driver for Shanxi's economic growth and the government hopes to build a harmonious government-corporate relationship to jointly boost local socioeconomic development.

The two sessions' delegates and representatives from the business circle showed resonance with the governor and said they are sure there will be a promising future for businesses in Shanxi.

"As the government work report of Governor Lan has reaffirmed and proposed a number of measures for improving the business environment, we feel encouraged in our development," said Chu Dequn, board chairman of Shanxi-based MeetAll Supermarkets and a delegate to the 13th Shanxi People's Congress.

These measures include practices to streamline business approval procedures, reduce administrative service costs, improve administrative service efficiency through the use of online platforms and digital technologies, as well as whole-process assistance from officials to help businesses grow.

Chu said thanks to the government's initiatives for the ease of doing business, MeetAll has expanded rapidly both in domestic and overseas markets.

Through its e-commerce business platform, MeetAll has developed cooperative ties with about 270 supermarket and retail companies throughout the country. It has also developed 265 purchasing bases in 15 foreign countries, supplying high-quality overseas farm products to Chinese consumers.

Wang Yuan, president of Shanxi Huaxiang Group and a delegate to the 13th Shanxi People's Congress, said the province's private-sector economy has achieved rapid and healthy growth thanks to the government's preferential treatment.

He takes Huaxiang, a privately-owned manufacturer of automobiles, machinery and electronics, as an example, saying that it reported the fastest growth in its history in the past year despite the challenge of COVID-19.

"The growth can be partially attributed to the government's effective measures in pandemic control and prevention, and its incentives offered to enterprises for resuming business activities," Wang said.

The executive said he is also impressed with the government's efficiency in administrative services.

"We launched three industrial parks in the city of Linfen last year for the production of smart home appliances, industrial equipment and new energy vehicles," Wang said. "The projects are proceeding at a speed beyond our expectations because of the whole-process assistance from the government."

Wu Jia contributed to this story.