Shanxi moves to extend green development


Updated: 2022-01-26

The year of 2022 is being regarded as a key year for North China's Shanxi province to enhance its high-quality development and plans have been set out for the province to continue its moves towards going greener and low carbon.

Shanxi is set to launch carbon peak campaigns – in response to the universal perception that peak carbon is the historical inflection point for greenhouse gas emissions, from increases to decreases. 

The province will promote demonstration projects to achieve near-zero carbon emissions, as well as pilot projects to facilitate peak carbon emissions. At the same time, it will move to accelerate its green and low-carbon transformation in energy, industry, and transportation, as well as in urban and rural development.

Shanxi will promote ecological protection and the high-quality development of the Yellow River basin in three areas: river overflow counties, river basins and provincial domains.

The province will nurture suitable forests, suitable agriculture and other development models flowed for river overflow counties. It will promote the comprehensive improvement of sloping farmland, water conservation and the ecological restoration of mines in river basins. Moreover, it will promote wetland ecological protection and restoration across provincial domains. 

Additionally, Shanxi will seek to prevent and control pollution. It will speed up the construction of key water pollution control projects and act to resolve the problem of direct sewage discharges in villages and towns along rivers. 

It will focus on ozone pollution prevention and control, diesel truck pollution control, air pollution in the fall and during winter and tackle other pressing issues.

The environment and the ecological system is universally regarded as a beneficial public resource. To create a more livable environment for its citizens, Shanxi will reportedly resolutely eliminate environmental pollution.