Employment in Shanxi remains stable in 2021


Updated: 2022-01-20

The employment situation saw steady improvement in North China's Shanxi province in 2021. 

This was due to the province's focus on employment and its multiple measures to stabilize, promote and expand employment.

A series of policies including expanding the scope of application for subsidies for vocational skill improvement, internships, and unemployment insurance were implemented. 

The province returned 368 million yuan ($58.02 million) in unemployment insurance premiums to companies that didn't lay off employees or reduce layoffs in 2021, benefiting 2.16 million employees at 29,000 enterprises.

It offered assistance to 245,200 people in 2,051 key communities and villages, leading to the employment of 209,600 people.

To promote higher-quality employment, Shanxi continued to conduct large-scale vocational training.

By the end of 2021, 2.2 million people in the province were trained, with 1.02 million people gaining or applying for certificates for vocational skills and 1.22 million people finding employment. The province saw an increase of 704,500 in its number of skilled workers.

The province also further optimized its public employment services.

It established a labor service system for those working outside the province, built one labor service station outside the province, three regional centers and 114 workstations, and developed an information service sub-system to protect their legal rights and offer help. 

Seventeen articles of regulations to safeguard the labor security rights and interests of flexible employment workers were issued. 

A public human resource market system ranging from county to provincial level was established to provide online 24-hour labor services and build a bridge between job hunters and employers.

Through joint efforts, 1.22 million people found new employment in the province, including 505,700 in urban areas and 521,800 from rural areas.