Shanxi committed to people's wellbeing in 2021


Updated: 2022-01-18

North China's Shanxi province continued to be committed to people's wellbeing in 2021. 

Living allowance

The province raised urban and rural subsistence allowance standards and assistance and support allowance standards for extremely poor and disabled people.

The province's urban and rural subsistence allowances averaged 615 yuan ($96.83) monthly per person, and 5,658 yuan annually per person, respectively.

Subsidies of 4.50 billion yuan for the needy people were allocated to 1.57 million people in need in the province. 

Senior care

The Shanxi Provincial Government invested 30 million yuan over two consecutive years since 2020 to build community home-based elderly care service facilities, with nearly 300 community home-based care service venues added.

The province comprehensively promoted the marketization, professionalization and socialization of senior care services, implemented and improved preferential support policies, and focused on solving difficult problems in the sector.

Minor protection

Shanxi also made strong efforts in the welfare of children and the protection of minors.

It has established a coordination mechanism for the protection of minors at the city and county levels, with 5,078 orphans included in the scope of basic living security.

Programs focusing on medical rehabilitation and education for orphans were carried out. Special funds were put in child safety education activities focusing on drowning prevention and the epidemic prevention and control of child welfare service organizations.

Charity cause

The province put the "Shanxi Charity Promotion Regulations" into effect on July 1 to promote the culture of charity and the healthy development of local charity causes. Around 770 million yuan in public welfare funds were raised over the past year.

Faced with the flood in October, the province's civil affairs departments, charitable organizations and the Red Cross Society provided temporary relief to 56,568 people and distributed 38.24 million yuan in relief funds.

In addition, 127 social organizations and more than 30,000 volunteers participated in emergency rescues, helping those in distress and offering psychological counseling and social relationship restoration services to people in need after the flood.