Recommended winter travel routes in Shanxi


With the approach of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Shanxi Department of Culture and Tourism recently launched six recommended winter travel routes in Shanxi province involving natural scenery, cultural landscapes and winter entertainment programs.


Guangwu section of the Great Wall in Shuozhou city [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Route No 1: scenery along the Great Wall

Yungang Grottoes→Huayan Temple→lantern show in Datong Ancient City→Wanlong Baideng Mountain Ski Resort→Wooden Sakyamuni Pagoda in Yingxian county→Guangwu section of the Great Wall→Sanggan River Hot Spring Resort in Shuozhou

Major cities: Datong, Shuozhou


Duncun Hot Spring Resort in Xinzhou [Photo/]

Route No 2: icy scenery and hot springs

Laoniu Bay→Yanmen Pass→Mount Wutai→Xinzhou Ancient City→Shentangdu Hot Spring Resort in Xinzhou→Duncun Hot Spring Resort in Xinzhou

Major city: Xinzhou


Taiyuan Ancient County in Jinyuan district, Taiyuan city [Photo/]

Route No 3: winter journey to historical Taiyuan

Caiwei Manor (Caiwei Ski Resort) →Taiyuan Zoo→Bell Tower Street→Taiyuan Ancient County→Taiyuan Botanical Garden→Jinci Temple→Longyin Hot Spring→Jiulong International Ski Resort

Major city: Taiyuan


The Ancient City of Pingyao in Jinzhong city [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Route No 4: exploring Shanxi culture

Li-Ning Snow Park→Meiyuan Nanshan Ski Resort→Yunzhu Lake scenic area→the Ancient City of Pingyao→Mianshan Mountain→Zhangbi Ancient Fortress→Wang Grand Courtyard→Chongning Castle Hot Spring Resort→Fenjiu Cultural scenic area→Jiajiazhuang village

Major cities: Jinzhong, Lyuliang


Snowfall creates a white wonderland at Tongtian Canyon in Changzhi city. [Photo by Yue Feng for]

Route No 5: leisure trip in Taihang Mountains

Eighth Route Army Cultural Park in Wuxiang county→Shennong Ski Resort (Laoding Mountain National Forest Park in Changzhi)→Tongtian Canyon→Hushan Hot Spring Resort→Daiyang Ancient Town→Situ Town→House of the Huangcheng Chancellor

Major cities: Changzhi, Jincheng


A rainbow arches over Hukou Waterfall in Jixian county of Shanxi province. [Photo by Lyu Guiming for]

Route No 6: travel along the Yellow River

Dahuaishu Ancestor Memorial Garden in Hongtong county→Guangsheng Temple→Yao Temple→Yunqiu Mountain→Hukou Waterfall→Yanhu Lake→Guandi Temple→Yaochi Hot Spring Manor in Xiaxian county→Yongle Palace→Guanque Tower→Wulao Mountain Ski Resort

Major cities: Linfen, Yuncheng