University in Shanxi to establish sorghum tech institute


The "Belt and Road" International Sorghum Industry Science and Technology Innovation Institute of Shanxi Agricultural University was recently approved for establishment by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the China Association of Agricultural Science. 

Based on 50 years of scientific research technology, achievements and extensive cooperation, the Sorghum Research Institute of Shanxi Agricultural University will undertake the cultivation of special sorghum varieties, mechanized production and the protection of eco-friendly plants, and make use of deep processing technologies. 

The new institute aims to export China's mature technologies, products and services related to sorghum and advance the integrated development of sorghum production and research through the promotion of academic exchanges and cooperation, scientific communication, talent flow, and technology transfers. 

It also aims to enhance China's abilities and status in the international sorghum technology system, promote food security and nutrition, and solve hunger and poverty in countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, thereby contributing to the development of the global sorghum industry.