Shanxi facilitates exit-entry services


The exit-entry management office of the Shanxi Department of Public Security in North China's Shanxi province recently launched four measures to increase convenience. 

The measures are meant to facilitate applications for Chinese mainland residents to study abroad, residents of Shanxi province applying to settle in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Chinese mainland residents who urgently need to return from Hong Kong, and Chinese mainland residents who are living in Taiwan long-term.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the validity period for students studying abroad to apply to renew their passports has been relaxed from six months to two years. 

For Shanxi residents who wish to settle in Hong Kong and who have Hong Kong relatives who cannot easily return to the Chinese mainland to accompany their application due to the pandemic, the application can be put forward by the applicant separately, and their Hong Kong relatives can receive related inquiries through online videos. 

For Chinese mainland residents who are visiting Hong Kong and have expired, lost, or damaged Hong Kong and Macao travel permits, the time for approval and issuance of the pass to return to the Chinese mainland will be shortened to three working days. 

For Chinese mainland residents who work, study, and live in Taiwan long-term, with a travel permit that is valid for less than 6 months or already expired, lost, or damaged, they can entrust their relatives and friends in the Chinese mainland to submit the application for pass reissuance.