10 Shanxi Smart City platforms established in Shanxi


Updated: 2021-10-18

Shanxi Smart City – the brand name for a series of support platforms for innovation and entrepreneurship – has been developing into an innovation and entrepreneurship brand with domestic influence. 

Since the brand began being developed in November 2019, Shanxi has planned to build 15 Shanxi Smart City projects, 10 of which have already been completed. 

As a major measure by Shanxi authorities to create a world-class innovation system, Shanxi Smart City is meant to accelerate the transformation and development of Shanxi by introducing top domestic innovation and entrepreneurship teams, attracting innovation resources from home and abroad, and focusing on strategic emerging industries. 

Each Shanxi Smart City project has its own characteristics and is being developed in a coordinated way, offering space, incubation, funds, and services for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

So far, 10 Shanxi Smart City projects are home to a total of 53 scientific research institutions with 687 permanent scientific research personnel, 81 high-level talents in various fields, and more than 7,000 skilled professionals. 

As of the end of September this year, 685 enterprises have set up operations, creating 17,000 jobs and bringing in 54 industrial investment projects with a total of 15.8 billion yuan ($2.45 billion) in investment.