Cultural relics in Shanxi under repair due to downpours


Updated: 2021-10-12

According to Shanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau on Oct 11, a total of 1,763 immovable cultural relics sites in Shanxi are under repair because of recent heavy rainfalls.

These include 177 sites under national-level protection and 137 under provincial-level protection that are faced with landslides from surrounding slopes, as well as leaks from rainwater and other dangers, according to the bureau.

In addition, nine museums and memorials had reported small-scale rain leaks and damage, as of Oct 10.

Cities in Shanxi have stepped up their efforts to prepare emergency rescue plans.

The bureau is requiring all local authorities to adopt measures such as the use of covers and temporary supports to tackle dangers in threatened buildings, as well as to quickly undertake remedial work, to ensure the safety of cultural relics and surrounding residents.