Shanxi introduces hotlines for psychological services


The Shanxi Health Commission recently announced 25 hotlines for 11 cities and several medical institutions in the province to promote the development of a social psychological service system. 

Professional psychological counselors will provide assistance and counseling services through the hotlines. 

The psychological assistance hotlines of the following medical institutions are on duty 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday. People in need can call the hotlines at any time to seek psychological counseling and help. 

Shanxi Provincial Mental Health Center (Taiyuan Psychiatric Hospital): 0351-8726199;

First Hospital of Shan Medical University: 0351-4639459; 

Second Hospital of Shan Medical University: 0351-3365660 (Headquarters), 0351-6123066 (West hospital district); 

Shanxi Social Welfare Kangning Hospital: 0354-6222693; 

Taiyuan Mental Health Association: 400-6791580; 

Taiyuan Anding Hospital: 0351-7565333.