Shanxi authority meets ambassadors to China


Updated: 2021-08-10


A delegation from the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shanxi Provincial Government meets Juan Fernando Lugris Rodriguez, Uruguay's ambassador to China, in Beijing. [Photo/]

A delegation from the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shanxi Provincial Government met the ambassadors of Uruguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil and Mexico to China in Beijing on Aug 4 and 5.

The delegation conducted exchanges on strengthening friendly relations between Shanxi and the governments of the countries.

It also discussed promoting practical cooperation in various fields and invited the foreign envoys to China to lead delegations to participate in the Taiyuan Energy Low-Carbon Development Forum (Taiyuan Forum), which will kick off in September.

Qin Jie, vice-director of the office, briefed the envoys of various countries on general conditions in Shanxi province and its achievements in transformation and development.

Qin said that Shanxi – China's energy and heavy chemicals industry base – had a long history, rich culture and abundant resources.

At present, Shanxi is promoting its high-quality transformation and development in an all-round way. The holding of the Taiyuan Forum is seen as an opportune event for Shanxi to help reach its carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality goals.

Qin urged the envoys to get a further understanding and promote exchanges and cooperation between Shanxi and their countries in the economy, trade, energy, education, sports and the cultural tourism sectors by participating in the forum.

The ambassadors displayed great interest in the forum and said they would provide a good role in effectively advancing exchanges between Shanxi and their countries.