Shanxi to issue digital consumer coupons worth 100m yuan


North China's Shanxi province will begin issuing provincial digital consumer coupons on July 10 to further encourage consumption and stimulate market vitality. 

Shanxi will issue digital consumer coupons worth a total amount of 100 million yuan ($15.46 million) in two phases – from July 10 to Sept 17 and from Sept 19 to Oct 30. 

The coupons will focus on the four major consumption areas of home appliances, refined oil, catering and retail. There will be coupons worth 30 million yuan for home appliances and refined oil, respectively, and coupons worth 20 million yuan for the catering and retail sectors, respectively. 

These coupons are available to permanent residents, those working and studying, and travelers in 11 cities in Shanxi. 

Consumption coupons can be used in offline stores, as well as on participating companies' apps or the companies' stores on e-commerce platforms.