Shanxi to build quality regional tourist roads


North China's Shanxi province plans to build a series of high-quality tourist roads by the end of 2025, to support balanced tourism development across the whole region. 

Under the plan, there will be three main tourist road of Yellow River No 1, Great Wall No 1 and Taihang No 1 – as well as 389 branch roads and 361 connecting roads, totaling 13,024 kilometers. These roads will connect to 213 tourist attractions at the A-rated level and above and 726 non-A-rated tourist sites.

Meanwhile, the province will form an overall road network structure consisting of Taiyuan-Jinzhong tourism ring road, Yellow River-Great Wall-Taihang ring road, as well as seven roads connecting Shanxi and surrounding provinces.

The 206-km Taiyuan-Jinzhong tourism ring road will be made up of existing highways. Branch roads, cycling paths and walking paths related to the ring road will be upgraded and more will be built in the future, while relaxation and recreational facilities will be added to meet the different needs of tourists. 

The combined Yellow River-Great Wall-Taihang ring road, made up of Yellow River No 1, Great Wall No 1, and Taihang No 1 tourist roads – will have a total length of 3,595 km. The ring road will connect to more than 250 scenic spots along the Yellow River, the Great Wall and Taihang Mountains, helping to promote and develop the region's culture and cultural heritage along the way.

The seven roads connecting Shanxi and surrounding provinces are existing completed highways, totaling 1,631 km in length, which will connect important scenic spots and distribution centers outside Shanxi.