Shanxi gets active in attracting talent from universities


North China's Shanxi province is increasing its moves to attract more talent from universities across China – in a bid to sustain its economic growth.

On June 19, it issued an implementation plan for expanding provincial government-university cooperation to hire more talent and invite universities across China to participate in.  

Under the plan, Shanxi will give full play to its comparative advantages – in terms of its location, resources and environment. It will promote strategic cooperation with universities and colleges in talent cultivation, recruitment and sharing.

During the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25), Shanxi will jointly build 12 centers with universities. These will include an undergraduate internship and training center, an undergraduate employment and entrepreneurship center, a university sci-tech achievements commercialization center, a think tank cooperation center and a technician and services talent training center. 

In addition, Shanxi will introduce regular mutual visits and exchanges between provincial government departments and universities.

It will also organize regular visits of delegations to universities to carry out talent publicity weeks, as well as promotional visits by prominent figures to universities and colleges.