Shanxi issues modern logistics development plan in 2021


A plan for a broad sweep of initiatives -- to advance the development of the modern logistics industry in North China's Shanxi province in the current year -- was recently released by the Shanxi Department of Industry and Information Technology. 

Shanxi aims to generate logistics industry revenue of over 220 billion yuan ($34.45 billion) in the current year and decrease the proportion of total social logistics costs to GDP by 0.2 percentage points.

To achieve the goal, the province aims to develop more than 10 A-level logistics enterprises and build a batch of provincial-level multimodal transport demonstration projects. It will promote the deep integration of logistics and manufacturing, as well as help accelerate the steady development of smart logistics businesses.

Specifically, Shanxi will take measures in optimizing the layout of the logistics sector, bolstering the construction of logistics channels, assisting with the development of key companies and accelerating the industry's digital transformation. 

It will help with the expansion of logistics standardization and promote integrated and innovative development. 

Under the plan, Shanxi will reinforce the construction of national logistics hubs in Taiyuan, Datong and Linfen cities. It will move to optimize the layout of logistics bases, distribution centers and terminals -- to improve the efficiency of logistics operations in the province. 

The province will aim to improve aviation logistics channels, by moving up the construction of Taiyuan and Datong airports. 

It will expand its support for logistics companies, promote business complementarity and resource sharing between companies and help enhance the overall operations of logistics enterprises. 

The plan proposes that Shanxi will strengthen the promotion and application of intelligent logistics equipment and technology. 

It will promote the development and growth of logistics equipment enterprises, strengthen the research and development of core logistics technology and equipment, promote the industrialization of key technology and equipment -- and encourage logistics firms to adopt advanced and applicable technologies and equipment.

Key logistics enterprises will be encouraged to participate in the formulation and revision of professional logistics technical standards and management standards.

To facilitate the integration of logistics and manufacturing, Shanxi will accelerate the establishment of a logistics service system that is compatible with the development of a local manufacturing industry.

In addition, Shanxi will advance the development of industrial clusters and logistics ecosystems related to resource products, manufacturing, agricultural products, medicine and e-commerce sectors.