Shanxi founds court to bolster cultural heritage protection


Updated: 2021-05-17

North China's Shanxi province recently established the Yungang Cultural Protection Court -- in the scenic area of the renowned Yungang Grottoes in Datong city -- in a bid to bolster the safeguarding and security of priceless artifacts and other cultural heritage there. 

Located to the west of Datong, the grottoes have a recorded history dating back more than 1,500 years and the formation is one of the three biggest of its kind in China. In 2001, it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The initiative was another measure to promote the formal policing of Yungang cultural protection, in the wake of the establishment of the Yungang Police Station and the launch of Yungangyu ecological environment public interest litigation by the Yungang Procuratorate.

These are regarded as being of great significance, for the further improvement of the Yungang cultural heritage protection system. 

The court is a specialized chamber for hearing historical and cultural heritage protection cases, based on the cultural protection of the Yungang Grottoes.

It focuses on hearing historical and cultural heritage protection cases and various civil dispute cases that occur in the scenic area -- as well as also hearing pollution prevention, ecological protection, environmental governance and services cases.

In addition, the court is responsible for the publicity of relevant laws and regulations. Other remits include the establishment and improvement of a working mechanism for regular liaison with relevant departments for cultural heritage protection, as well as helping to provide legal opinions in the field.