Shanxi province to upgrade its road traffic network


North China's Shanxi province will expand the hub role of its capital Taiyuan and realize the goal of a three-hour travel time from the metropolis to all other cities in the province, according to the province's road transportation network plan for 2021-2035.

Under the plan, Shanxi will focus on connections to national highways and important energy transport routes, promoting the upgrade of high-volume thoroughfares including Datong-Taiyuan-Linfen-Yuncheng, Taiyuan-Changzhi-Jincheng and Yangquan-Taiyuan-Lyuliang highways.

The upgrade will also focus on the connection of highways and first-grade roads in the province. At the same time, the entrances and exits of Shanxi's highways will be improved. 

In addition, the province will achieve two-hour travel from each city to counties under its jurisdiction, one-hour access from each county seat to important townships under its jurisdiction, and 15-minute access to national and provincial roads in important towns.