Shanxi's rail authority releases red tourism travel route


Updated: 2021-04-22

The China Railway Taiyuan Group Co recently recommended a rail-based red tourism travel route in Shanxi province to mark the centenary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and promote patriotic education. 

Departing from the provincial capital of Taiyuan city, visitors can tour historic sites with a revolutionary legacy in Zuoquan, Wuxiang and Licheng counties by high-speed rail over a four-day period.

Several important historical sites related to the CPC are included in the route, including the Matian Memorial Hall of the Eighth Route Army Headquarters, the Eighth Route Army Taihang Memorial Hall in Wuxiang county and the Huangyadong Revolution Memorial Site in Licheng county. 

The Matian Memorial Hall of the Eighth Route Army Headquarters is a thematic memorial hall with the most cultural relics and the most complete content among Shanxi's red tourist attractions. 

The Huangyadong Revolution Memorial Site is the location of the Eighth Route Army's arsenal and the battlefield site of the Huangyadong Defense Battle.

Recently, centering on the red tourism resources of the Taihang and Lyuliang mountains and relying on the improved rail network, China Railway Taiyuan Group Co has created 12 high-quality red tourism travel routes. The routes all boast customized services to help visitors understand the Party's history.