First-ever lanolin shipment exported from Shanxi


Updated: 2021-04-12

A total of 15.2 metric tons of lanolin produced by Datong Zyintex Textile Technology Co, which is based in Datong city, North China's Shanxi province, was shipped to Japan via Tianjin on April 6. 

Lanolin is a kind of secreted grease attached to wool. It is often used as an ointment base or emulsifier in industry and medicine, as well as a raw material for high-quality cosmetics.

It's the first time that wool products have been exported overseas from Shanxi. 

Datong customs helped the enterprise to complete the export process by providing one-stop recording and registration services to help it quickly obtain the relevant qualifications. Customs authorities familiarized the enterprise with the technical standard requirements of importing countries and explained how to avoid cross-border trade risks. 

In addition, Datong customs strictly implemented appointment declaration and improved the efficiency of cargo clearance to further reduce the customs clearance costs. 

Zhang Dong, deputy head of Datong customs, said that the department would help more enterprises like Datong Zyintex Textile Technology Co control the quality of exported products and expand their sales channels. The aim is to realize the convenient export of wool products by local companies.