BDS application industry


Shanxi has broad prospects for the development of the Beidou Satellite Navigation System (BDS) application industry: the province has many mountains, mines and forests, which require precise measurement and monitoring.

"The BDS application industry is still in its infancy in Shanxi with the scale of enterprises being small and related applications in various industries not being activated," said Zhang Huixiong, deputy director of the Shanxi Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense.

He believes that the development of the BDS application industry in Shanxi should involve major projects in infrastructure, technological support and industrial development. The province should implement BDS applications in agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, energy, navigation, digital government, disaster management and emergency rescue.

Shanxi has attached great importance to the development of the BDS application industry. Earlier in January, it issued a series of measures to accelerate the application and industrial development of BDS, with development underway on several cooperation projects.

Shanxi Collaborative Innovation Center of Beidou Navigation and Location Application is one of these projects.

The center consists of eight member institutes, including North University of China and Shanxi Automation Research Institute. It serves as a high-level application platform for BDS space-time scientific research, technology R&D and industry-university research cooperation and a key technology output platform. 

Its high-precision BDS positioning terminal has been widely used in intelligent urban construction in Shanghai, water affairs in Qingdao, intelligent forestry and energy transmission and safety monitoring in Shanxi.

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