Hotels recommended in Lyuliang


Hotels recommended in Lyuliang, Shanxi province:

(Star rating: ★★★★★)

1. Xiaoyi Royal Hotel 

(Star rating: ★★★★)

2. Fenyang Yuhe Garden Hotel

3. Lyuliang International Trade Hotel

4. Lyuliang Hotel

1. Xiaoyi Royal Hotel


A restaurant in Xiaoyi Royal Hotel [Photo/]

Xiaoyi Royal Hotel was the first modern business hotel in Lyuliang city to be built in European style, combining accommodation, catering, entertainment, fitness, leisure and conference services. 

The hotel has 383 rooms and suites, including presidential suites and deluxe rooms. The conference center has a large multifunction hall with capacity for 500 people and small meeting rooms. There are Chinese and Western restaurants with 33 private rooms and a banquet hall for up to 700 people. The hotel's KTV has more than 30 private rooms and the recreation center is equipped with a swimming pool, sauna, spa and tenpin bowling. 

The hotel is managed by experienced and friendly staff members. In 2011, the hotel was chosen as the reception hotel for the Xiaoyi government and completed receptions for the consuls and ambassadors of the United States, South Korea and Thailand.

The hotel is 120 kilometers from Taiyuan city and only a 30-minute drive from Jiexiu Railway Station.

Address: No 181 Chongwen Street, Xiaoyi county, Lyuliang, Shanxi province

Tel: 0358-7839999

2. Fenyang Yuhe Garden Hotel

Yuhe Garden Hotel is a national four-star hotel offering dining, accommodation, conference, entertainment and leisure services. 

The hotel covers 52,000 square meters with floorspace of more than 30,000 square meters. It has six types of rooms, including 151 standard rooms and six luxury villas, all equipped with a convenient broadband network. 

The restaurant featuring Cantonese cuisine and seafood also has dishes from Northeast China and Hunan province as well as local delicacies. There are 27 private rooms and a banquet hall for about 500 people in the restaurant. 

There is one multi-function conference center with capacity of 1,000 people, three medium-sized conference rooms for around 100 people, and five small conference rooms.

The hotel has perfect facilities for business, entertainment and leisure. Central air conditioning, satellite television, telephones, broadband access, smart door lock and fire-fighting facilities are all available.

Yuhe Garden Hotel is west on the Taiyuan-Fenyang Highway and No 307 National Highway, 5 kilometers south of the urban area of Xiangyang city, and adjacent to the famous wine-growing town, Xinghua village, in the north.

Address: Jiajiazhuang village, Jiajiazhuang town, Fenyang county, Lyuliang, Shanxi province

Tel: 0358-3338418

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