Shanxi opens green channels to help firms go public


Shanxi province recently established and opened green channels for the listing of enterprises in the province, providing convenient and efficient government services for enterprises to go public, according to the Shanxi Finance Bureau. 

The green channels are operated simultaneously online and offline. Online green channels are available through the provincial government's portal website, the provincial financial office's portal website and the provincial enterprise listing column on the province's official WeChat account. Meanwhile, offline services are provided by the green channels' offices at the provincial, city and county levels. 

These offices disclose contact persons and service hotlines to the public and address matters related to the listing of enterprises in accordance with regulations. 

Their service targets are: firms included in the database of reserve enterprises to be listed; listed enterprises in Shanxi that are planning to refinance or undergo mergers or acquisitions; listed enterprises outside Shanxi that are relocating to the province; and enterprises planning to go public, among others.

The offices will provide these enterprises with business matchmaking and coordination services via intermediaries, investment institutions and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. The offices will also help the enterprises solve problems encountered during the listing process.