Yangqu Modern Agricultural Industry Demonstration Zone



A worker cares for vegetables in a greenhouse in Yangqu Modern Agricultural Industry Demonstration Zone. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Established in February 2019, Yangqu Modern Agricultural Industry Demonstration Zone is 12 kilometers away from Yangqu county's seat and 16 km away from the central urban area of Taiyuan city.

The demonstration zone's planned area is 141.4 square kilometers and the total construction area covers 15.74 sq km.

Nitun township, where the demonstration zone is located, has a forest coverage rate of more than 30 percent, an average annual temperature of 8.9 C, average annual rainfall of 460 millimeters, and a frost-free period of 165 days. Thus, it is an ideal production area for high-quality agricultural products.

The demonstration zone gathers agricultural industrial clusters focusing on crops such as corn and millet, dried fruit, profitable lumber products such as walnut woods, and small miscellaneous grains. 

Yangqu Modern Agricultural Industry Demonstration Zone takes urban agriculture as its main development direction and has developed a "3+2" urban agriculture industrial system. The scheme takes the zone's high-efficiency vegetable-production environment as the control, fruit and high-quality grains industries as its basis, and green food processing and ecological healthcare and leisure experience sectors as the support. 

According to the local topography and landform characteristics, the demonstration zone will develop the vegetable industry over 30 sq km in flat areas, plant over 13 sq km of miscellaneous grains on the gentle slopes, and grow fruits over 33 sq km of mountainous areas.

As for its secondary sector of the economy, the zone will focus on the intensive and deep processing of green food and agricultural products to enhance the added value of the sector. 

In addition, it will highlight modern service industries such as rural tourism, cultural and creative industries, healthcare industries, and logistics.

There are 35 agricultural enterprises in the zone.

Address: Nitun township, Yangquan county, Taiyuan city, Shanxi province