Guangling dried soybean curd



Guangling dried soybean curd [Photo/]

Dried soybean curd from Guangling county is a specialty snack in Datong city in northern Shanxi province and is one of the top choices for cold and hot dishes.

The foodstuff is popular due to the excellent traditional craftsmanship used in its production, as well as its geographical advantages: the excellent water quality on the south bank of the Huliu River in Guangling county ensures the dried soybean curd has an outstanding flavor. 

The production of Guangling dried soybean curd is roughly divided into five steps: boiling soybean milk, making tofu, cutting tofu strips, air drying and stewing the tofu strips with seasoning.

Guangling dried soybean curd has two flavors – salty and smoky. The different flavors are the result of different production methods, and both are tasty, chewy and delicious.