Female legislators push China forward in new era


Updated: 2021-03-08


Female national legislators of the Shanxi delegation to the National People's Congress in discussion in Beijing on March 8 [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Shanxi province's female deputies attending the ongoing fourth session of the 13th National People's Congress in Beijing fully demonstrate the demeanor of women in the new era.

The 15 female national legislators of the Shanxi delegation to the National People's Congress are from all walks of life, with backgrounds in scientific research, grassroots civil service and medical care. They have conscientiously performed their duties by making suggestions for national development and conveying people's voices and concerns. 

Wang Yali is a medical worker and has been committed to introducing medical experts and cultivating excellent medical teams. She has suggested providing cutting-edge medical resources to grassroots healthcare institutes and the balanced development of high-quality medical services. 

Yang Linhua, another deputy from the healthcare field, has also been committed to helping poor villages to improve their medical care environment and develop industries to get rid of poverty. This year, she has made suggestions on improving rural doctors' treatment and paying attention to women's health.

"I hope that the country will continue to pay attention to women and their physical and mental health, creating a better environment for women to work and start businesses," said Yang. 

Suggestions on women's wellbeing and protection, especially concerning anti-domestic violence promotion, family mediation and psychological consultation, have been given by Yang Rong, who works in grassroots public security organs.

Xu Xiaohong, vice-president of Shanxi Normal University, offered her suggestions on developing higher education in Central and West China, improving scientific research and innovation capabilities, and the training of scientific and technological talents.