Shanxi's mature vinegar, apples get EU's GI protection


Updated: 2021-03-02

The Agreement on Geographical Indications (GI) between China and the European Union (EU), China's first comprehensive and high-level bilateral treaty on GIs, came into effect on March 1.

GI refers to a label identifying the geographical origin of a product and is a vital form of intellectual property right.

The agreement sets high-level protection rules for products with GIs from China and the EU and can effectively prevent counterfeit products from entering both sides' markets.

According to the agreement, the first mutually agreed 100 GIs from each side, including liquor, tea, food and farm products, came under protection on the same day.

Shanxi province's mature vinegar and apples from Jixian county in the province were included on the first list of China's 100 GIs under protection in the EU. 

The province's mature vinegar and apples from local Jixian county can now use the official EU certification mark, which will help them gain recognition among consumers in the EU, enhance their international influence and expand their position in the EU market.

The agreement is of great significance to the European trade promotion of Jixian county's apples and Shanxi's mature vinegar and the development and upgrading of the apple and mature vinegar industries in Shanxi.