Shanxi provides more than 1.17m COVID-19 vaccinations


Updated: 2021-03-02

North China's Shanxi province had given more than 1.17 million vaccinations as of Feb 28 since beginning its COVID-19 immunization campaign on Jan 1. 

No serious abnormal reactions occurred during the period, demonstrating the safety of vaccines. 

Since the beginning of the province's vaccination work, Shanxi has strictly implemented the application approval system for COVID-19 vaccination sites, the training system for the inoculation personnel, and the vaccine storage and distribution system. 

A total of 503 vaccination sites have been set up in the province, and 2,208 qualified and experienced vaccination workers, 1,515 medical workers, and 2,280 other workers have been mobilized to facilitate the vaccination campaign. 

Meanwhile, Shanxi has made full use of its vaccination information system to ensure vaccine circulation and information registration reports and to guarantee that health authorities can trace each piece of vaccine information throughout the entire process. 

The province will gradually expand the coverage of vaccinations to create a form of herd immunity for the entire population as soon as possible to help prevent and control the pandemic.