Shanxi to promote ecological restoration in 2021-25


Updated: 2021-02-20

North China's Shanxi province will further ecological restoration of two mountains, seven rivers and one basin during the 14th Five Year Plan period (2021-25), according to an announcement from the Shanxi Forestry and Grassland Bureau on Feb 17.

In the next five years, Shanxi will continue the systematic treatment and management of mountains, lakes, rivers, farmlands and grasslands in the middle and northern reaches of the Yellow River basin, the upper reaches of the Fenhe River and the north and central sections of the Taihang Mountains. 

The province plans to afforest more than 13,333 square kilometers in the Taihang Mountains and Lyuliang Mountains and aims to realize a forest coverage rate of 26 percent by the end of 2025. 

Specifically, it plans to complete afforestation covering more than 2,666 sq km and treat 3,500 sq km of land suffering from soil erosion. 

Over the past five years, Shanxi has afforested 15,333 sq km of land.