Shanxi's county-level e-commerce recognized for competitiveness


Updated: 2021-02-20

Shanxi province's six regions were included on the list of the top 100 competitive county-level regions in China for e-commerce in 2021. 

The ranking was recently released by Xiaokang magazine, a fortnightly Chinese magazine.

The six honorees are Yingze district and Yangqu county in Taiyuan city, Huozhou county-level city in Linfen city, Fanshi and Wuzhai counties in Xinzhou city, and Qinshui county in Jincheng city.

The development of county-level e-commerce can bring about the transformation and upgrading of the local economy and the rapid increase of productivity. It can also revitalize the rural production system and idle labor force and promote farmers' employment and entrepreneurship, providing new opportunities for progressive development in backward areas.

In recent years, Shanxi province has promoted rural e-commerce development, guided demonstration counties to carry out the "e-commerce + live broadcast" scheme for agricultural products, and established platforms for business matchmaking between farmers and agricultural enterprises. 

The province has developed 52 national demonstration counties for e-commerce. Also, there were 192 enterprises with online retail sales of more than 5 million yuan ($771,310) each between January and November in 2020.