Shanxi promotes successful experiences in pilot FTZ development


Updated: 2021-02-20

Shanxi province will replicate and promote 31 items from the sixth batch of successful experiences in the reform of pilot free trade zones across China, according to a notice recently issued by the Shanxi Provincial Government. 

The 31 items consist of nine articles covering investment management, six on trade facilitation, four on financial opening and innovation, six on regulation measures during and after economic activities, five on human resources, and one covering second-hand vehicle export business. 

Taking the trade facilitation field as an example, Shanxi will promote "financial leasing + automobile export" business innovation and the intelligent declaration and navigation services for imported and exported commodities. It will also encourage the everyday use of one guarantee for enterprises that operate in various business fields, sites, and different trade goods. 

The promotion and replication of successful experiences in pilot free trade zone development will help high-quality economic growth, advance the modernization of governance systems and capabilities, further optimize the business environment and stimulate market vitality in Shanxi.