Shanxi speeds up development of modern transportation network


North China's Shanxi province accelerated developing a modern comprehensive road transportation network during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-20). 

In the past five years, the province's road mileage reached 144,000 kilometers, and the road density has reached 92 km per 100 square kilometers. 

The highway network, comprised of three north-south highways and 12 east-west highways, has seen its structure improved, with 95.7 percent of counties covered by expressways and 72 percent of townships connected to national and provincial-level highways. 

The comprehensive transport infrastructure network saw considerable improvements during the period. 

Two new highway projects were started, and 11 expressway projects were continued. The road conditions of major provincial-level and national-level trunk lines were further enhanced after completing a 2,214-km road renovation project and a 1,637-km road safety project.

The quality improvement and renovation projects of rural roads were advanced, with 18,200 km of rural roads newly built or reconstructed in the past five years. 

Also, 80 road transport stations in Shanxi realized online ticket sales, and all highway toll stations launched ETC channels during the period. Travelers can now use the provincial public transportation card in 303 cities across the country.