Shanxi ushers in new stage in water conservation


Updated: 2021-01-08

The 11 prefecture-level cities in North China's Shanxi province all issued detailed rules for implementing water-saving measures at the end of 2020, ushering in a new stage in the province's mission to protect its water resources.

Last year, government departments in the 11 cities improved the inter-department coordination mechanism for water conservation work and strictly implemented water consumption control measures. 

These cities have established a water conservation responsibility system, promoted water-saving irrigation techniques and domestic water conservation in rural areas, sped up the technological transformation of industrial enterprises to increase the reuse rate of water and accelerated the construction of water-saving cities. They have also improved the utilization of recycled water and controlled groundwater extraction in over-exploited areas. 

According to Chang Jianzhong, director of the Shanxi Provincial Department of Water Resources, the province plans to root water conservation and protection in the water-use regulation processes for various fields and industries.