Shanxi Diesel Engine Industrial Co


Shanxi Diesel Engine Industrial Co, established in 1954, is now a large-sized national corporation specialized in manufacturing high-speed, high-power water-cooled diesel engines and part of China North Industries Group Corp.

The company is located in Datong, a historical city of rich culture in Shanxi province. Overall, it covers a land area of 1.73 million square meters and a floor area of 439,000 square meters, of which 177,000 square meters are for production purposes.

Equipped with 2,576 sets of machines, the company has 1,238 sets of metal-cutters and 145 sets of CNC machines including global leading boring-milling processing centers. Flexible diesel engine production lines featuring CNC machine and leading assembly/testing capacities are in place.

Over time, the company has updated its production lines with leading domestic and global technologies and equipment so that it can stay ahead of the game with strong capacity and resilience to market changes.

As a leading water-cooled engine maker with advanced technology, its current product offering is supported by three pillars, including the old 150 series, new 150 series, and 396 series. 

Now Shanxi Diesel Engine annually produces 2,500 sets of the 150 series engines (73.5-885 KW), 500 sets of the GF series engines, 50 sets of the 396 series engines (620-2,560KW), 36,000 sets of fuel injection pumps and nozzles in four categories, and 4,000 tons of large aluminum alloy castings.