Shanxi to develop 5G-based healthcare


Updated: 2021-01-05

North China's Shanxi province will develop 5G-based healthcare focusing on eight key aspects, according to an announcement from Shanxi Department of Industry and Information Technology on Jan 4.

The province will develop 5G-based applications with advanced technology and superior performance to undertake emergency treatment, telediagnosis, teletreatment, remote intensive care, Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment, hospital management, intelligent disease control and health management.

In terms of 5G-based health management, Shanxi will combine its 5G network with wearable medical devices, artificial intelligence and other technologies to build personal health portraits of critical groups and carry out disease risk monitoring and health management services. These groups will include people with chronic diseases, pregnant women, senior citizens, patients with occupational diseases and those with severe mental disorders.

Authorities in Shanxi will provide support and promotion to outstanding projects in the above fields.