Pingyao wins UNESCO recognition for heritage protection


Updated: 2021-01-04


Pingyao Festival Palace in Pingyao county [Photo/]

Pingyao Festival Palace in Pingyao county in North China's Shanxi province, which was reconstructed from Pingyao Diesel Engine Factory, recently won the Award of Merit of 2020 at the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. 

Once the largest abandoned industrial area in the Ancient City of Pingyao, Pingyao Festival Palace was designed and built by a team from the Industrial Park Research Center of the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University. 

The reconstructed site consists of a cinema, a bookstore, a cafe and other cultural and entertainment facilities, giving the old factory a new purpose: to add a splash of culture to urban public life. It has won many architectural awards at home and abroad since the renovation was completed, including the 2016-2018 WA City Regeneration Award. 

The annual UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation aims to recognize teams and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to protecting world cultural heritage.

According to the jury, the Pingyao Festival Palace has contributed to the diversification of revenue sources in the Ancient City of Pingyao – UNESCO World Heritage Site, expanded the diversity of tourist groups and enhanced local socio-economic sustainability. It has also improved community residents' quality of life by adding new public spaces and facilities for cultural activities.

It was one of seven award winners out of 48 entries from across Asia and the Pacific.