Shanxi exports fruits worth $308m in first 11 months of 2020


Updated: 2020-12-30

North China's Shanxi province exported 233,000 metric tons of fruits worth $308 million between January and November in 2020, according to Taiyuan Customs.

The fruits were exported to 73 countries and regions, including major trade countries and those involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Taiyuan Customs has taken numerous measures to facilitate the export of fruit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For example, the customs helped Shanxi province build an inspection and quarantine system for fruits set to be exported, with inspection items covering the requirements of 73 countries. Officials also implemented reform measures for customs clearance facilitation, scientifically determining the proportion of exported fruits that need to be sampled and carrying out a rapid inspection.

Currently, Shanxi has built more than 666 square kilometers of high-quality fruit production bases and 104 standardized demonstration parks for fruit production. These facilities cover all of the province's counties involved in growing fruits for export.