Shuozhou establishes satellite terminal for main airports


Shuozhou city in North China's Shanxi province opened a satellite aviation terminal on Dec 22 to enable locals to access multiple services and then travel to the province's two main airports.

The new satellite facility is around 221 kilometers northwest to Taiyuan Wusu International Airport in Shanxi's capital Taiyuan city and some 142 km southwest to Datong Yungang Airport in Datong city. It's the third such facility in Shanxi, after one in Yangquan city and the other in Pingyao county.

Passengers can access a full range of airport services, including ticket bookings and flight enquiries, check in for their flights and take buses to the two airports.

The opening of the satellite terminal will allow passengers to enjoy direct connections to Taiyuan and Datong airports and high-quality and convenient aviation services.

It will become an important window for Shuozhou city's opening-up to the outside world and boost the quality of local people's lives.

Zhang Tao, vice-mayor of Shuozhou, said the two main regional airports and various airlines would capitalize on the opening to further increase their close ties with the city and expand cooperation.