Shanxi outlines blueprint for wind power lift-off


Updated: 2020-12-17

North China's Shanxi province will focus on boosting its wind power industry over the next two years, according to a plan recently released by Shanxi Department of Industry and Information Technology. 

Under the plan, the province will further develop its wind power equipment manufacturing industry, participate in the construction of wind power plants and promote the synchronous development of both sectors. 

The province aims to reach 6 million kilowatts of total installed capacity in terms of self-manufactured wind turbines and 10 billion yuan ($1.53 billion) in the annual value of its wind power-related industries. 

It will support the development of local companies, so that they become leaders in the wind power and wind power equipment manufacturing sectors. It will help improve wind turbine products manufactured by local enterprises, for them to develop into leading international and domestic brands. 

Wind power equipment projects with huge potential, good growth, strong development capabilities or with mature technology, applications, management and markets will be supported in the province. 

In addition, Shanxi plans to accelerate the integrated development of the wind power equipment manufacturing industry with new generation information technology. 

To achieve this, it will focus on developing R&D and manufacturing systems for intelligent finished wind power equipment, intelligent operations and maintenance systems for finished wind power equipment and intelligent manufacturing of key wind power equipment components.