Shanxi grain yields hit new high


Updated: 2020-12-16

The grain cultivation area of North China's Shanxi province reached 31,300 square kilometers which produced 14.24 million metric tons in the current year, with a yield per hectare of 4.55 tons, according to a report issued by the National Bureau of Statistics on Dec 10. 

Statistics showed that total grain output and the yield per hectare both hit a record high in the province.

To ensure grain production and supply -- despite the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic -- authorities at all levels in the province maximized their grain production responsibilities. 

They established a spring farming guarantee work mechanism and working groups, to guarantee agricultural supplies. 

The authorities also promoted new grain varieties and new agricultural technologies and established six technical service groups to guide grain production. 

In particular, personnel from the provincial, municipal and county-level agriculture-related departments were organized to publicize policies and technologies and facilitate agricultural production during key farming periods.

Local authorities also liaised with the meteorological departments, to put together and issue weather disaster forecasts.

In addition, subsidies for cultivated land have been allocated, guiding farmers in their awareness of the need to protect environmental resources and on how to improve the quality of cultivated land.