Shanxi to establish solar power hub


Updated: 2020-12-15

The Shanxi Department of Industry and Information Technology recently drafted a three-year plan for the development of the solar power manufacturing industry in North China's Shanxi province. 

Shanxi is rich in solar energy, with annual sunshine exceeding 3,000 hours and the percentage of sunshine ranging from 50 to 60 percent. 

These unique solar resources and the development needs of the province have led to the rapid expansion of the photovoltaic industry. 

Last year, its photovoltaic manufacturing industry generated total revenue of 8.7 billion yuan ($1.33 billion), a year-on-year increase of 36.15 percent. 

Under the three-year plan to establish Shanxi as a national photovoltaic industry hub, the province will strengthen its support of key enterprises and major projects in the solar power sector and develop an complete manufacturing chain. 

The province will increase its financial support for photovoltaic manufacturers, in terms of their technological transformation and R&D investment, through dedicated funds, including technological transformation financing, as well as preferential electricity prices for the solar power industry.

By 2022, the province aims to generate 13 billion yuan in annual business revenue from the photovoltaic manufacturing sector.