5G development rockets in Shanxi


The 5G development of North China's Shanxi province has continued to accelerate, with the proportion of its 5G base stations being installed now ranking it at the fore in China.

By the end of September, 14,220 5G base stations had been installed in the year to date -- completing 94.8 percent of the annual target. 

The three major telecommunications operators -- China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom -- during the period achieved basic 5G network coverage in the central urban areas of the cities, while expanding the network to the counties.

To seize the opportunities brought about by the rollout of 5G, Shanxi has explored the establishment of smart mines and smart transport infrastructure.

Currently, 13 coal mines in the province have been installing 5G-based intelligent mining system and coal mining machinery manufacturers have established 5G-based industrial internet platforms for their equipment. These projects have set up Shanxi as a shining example for the intelligent transformation of coal mines across the country.

Shanxi is also leading the country in 5G infrastructure. With the help of Chinese internet giant Baidu Inc, the prefecture-level city of Yangquan has been building a demonstration project for an autonomous driving and vehicle infrastructure cooperation system. After the project is completed, it is expected to be a benchmark in the field of artificial intelligence and big data in Shanxi. 

In addition to mining and transport, Shanxi has also been promoting the application of 5G in the agriculture, culture, tourism and medicine fields.