Semiconductor industry


The semiconductor industry in North China's Shanxi province -- one of the strategic emerging industries that the province has been striving to build -- has developed rapidly in recent years and is now at the forefront of the sector in China. 

In May last year, 59 semiconductor companies, universities, colleges and research institutions in the province established the Shanxi Semiconductor Industry Alliance.

The alliance has effectively strengthened the integration of various elements of the semiconductor industry there, promoted the integration of resources and exchanges in all areas of the sector and helped advanced breakthroughs and large-scale developments. 

A number of highly competitive semiconductor enterprises have sprung up in the province.

Shanxi Semicore Crystal Co's silicon carbide semiconductor material production capacity ranks first in the country, with a market share exceeding 50 percent.

Elsewhere, GuoHui OPTO-electronic Co is the first domestic enterprise to achieve mass production of short-wave infrared chips and its products have been exported to countries, including Turkey and Russia. Yet another example is Zhongke Lu'an, which has developed into the world's largest ultraviolet LED chip producer with annual output of 30 million units.

In terms of semiconductor R&D platforms, the province has established two provincial-level industrial technology centers, four provincial-level enterprise technology centers and several high-end innovation platforms.

According to Liu Yong, deputy director of Shanxi Department of Industry and Information Technology, the province's semiconductor industry is mainly distributed in Taiyuan, Xinzhou and Changzhi cities. It has formed a complete industry supply chain -- covering chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing and applications -- focusing on second-generation semiconductor materials including gallium arsenide, and third-generation semiconductor materials such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride.

Early in July, the department released an action plan for the digital and information industries that are aiming to make breakthroughs in the internet, artificial intelligence, digital, semiconductor and chip sectors.

Under the plan, cities such as Taiyuan and Xinzhou, which have a solid industrial foundation, will build semiconductor industry clusters.