Shanxi firm wins bid to build solar power plant in Africa


Updated: 2020-11-16

Shanxi International Economic and Technological Cooperation Co -- a subsidiary of Shanxi Construction Investment Group Co, based in North China's Shanxi province -- recently won the bid to build a 25 megawatt solar power project in the Central African Republic.

At a cost of 270 million yuan ($41.20 million), the project in Bangui -- capital of the Central African Republic -- is the first photovoltaic power generation project in the city. It was of major significance in the promotion and use of new energy in Central Africa. 

The completed project will greatly alleviate power supply pressures in Bangui, provide a large number of jobs for locals, as well as play an active role in improving the quality of life for residents and boosting regional economic development. 

In recent years, Shanxi International Economic and Technological Cooperation Co has been further expanding into overseas markets, especially in countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. 

The latest project points to the progress it is making in the region. It follows four previous projects, including the Central African Bangui Libya Hotel and the Bangui Branch Building of the Bank of Central African States.