Shanxi hospitals launch improved nucleic acid test services


The First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University and the Second People's Hospital of Taiyuan in North China's Shanxi province recently launched streamlined measures to improve nucleic acid testing for residents. 

The First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University introduced online appointments and payments services for COVID-19 nucleic acid testing, becoming the first hospital in Shanxi to offer such a service.

People can now complete their test registrations and payments through a mobile application or the WeChat applet of Healthy Shanxi, the WeChat account of the hospital, or self-service machines in the hospital -- and then go directly to test site in the hospital at the appointment time.

The Second People's Hospital of Taiyuan has beefed up its test procedures by implementing a one-stop service for registration, billing and payments.

People can now complete all processes at the same place without making an appointment.

In addition, the hospital launched an English version of the nucleic acid test report, so people can more easily apply for visas, go abroad on business and study abroad.