Shanxi starts renovating 24,700 shanty houses


Updated: 2020-10-22

North China's Shanxi province started renovating 24,700 local shanty houses and completed the reconstruction of 44,400 dilapidated houses between January and September, according to Shanxi Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development on Oct 20. 

This year, Shanxi plans to start renovations of 27,000 shanty houses, complete reconstruction of 53,000 dilapidated houses, build 376 public rental housing units and issue family rental subsidies with urban housing guarantees to 61,300 households.

By the end of September, the six Shanxi cities of Taiyuan, Jinzhong, Yangquan, Changzhi, Jincheng and Linfen had started shanty house renovations.

The province will now accelerate implementation of shanty house renovation, improve the approval procedures for projects under construction – as well as standardize and accelerate the use of various subsidy funds, special loans and special bonds.