Shanxi advances development of senior care facilities


Updated: 2020-10-12

The Shanxi Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently announced that North China's Shanxi province will further expand the construction of community-level elderly care facilities.

According to the notice, Shanxi will implement the project for five consecutive years.

To enrich the supply of community services and improve the quality of life of its senior residents, Shanxi will promote the renovation and establishment of community eldercare facilities based on the reconstruction of old communities in urban areas.

Government-subsidized houses, including vacant public rental houses, will be offered free of charge to community elderly care service agencies.

This will be on condition that the nature of property rights remains unchanged, so as to facilitate rehabilitation care, day care, meals and bathing services for seniors in the communities. 

In addition, the departments of housing and urban-rural development at the city and county level will be required to strengthen their regulation of the quality of related construction projects, in order to ensure safety.