Hotels recommended in Jinzhong


7. Shanwaishan Grand Hotel 

Shanwaishan Grand Hotel is a four-star hotel integrating catering, accommodation, vacations, business, leisure, sports and entertainment services.

The hotel has 201 guest rooms with 351 beds, including 150 standard rooms and eight deluxe suites.

The dining area has 10 deluxe private rooms, each of which can seat 10 people, as well as a large deluxe private room which can accommodate 22 people for dining. 

The buffet restaurant can hold 180 people for dining and the coffee shop can accommodate 120 people. There is also a banquet hall, which can seat 400.

The hotel has two large meeting rooms which can serve 200-400 at the same time and four medium-sized meeting rooms which can seat 200 people. The meeting rooms are equipped with large projectors, imported audio machines and wireless microphones.

There is an indoor swimming pool, a bathing and rest area, a table tennis hall and a small movie bar and various small amusement facilities in the hotel. 

Address: Wujin Mountain National Forest Pak, Yuci district, Jinzhong city, Shanxi province 

Tel: 0354-3263522/3263533/3263333

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