Shanxi province invests heavily in protecting Great Wall


North China's Shanxi province -- where the Great Wall extends over 1,400 kilometers, running through eight cities -- has been investing a great deal in protecting the ancient wonder in recent years.

Provincial-level special subsidies for the protection of such cultural relics in Shanxi have increased annually to 167.45 million yuan ($24.69 million) in 2020 from 33 million yuan in 2011, with the cumulative subsidies totaling around 1.2 billion yuan.

Meanwhile, funds from the central government for conserving the Great Wall sections in the province have totaled 127 million yuan since 2011.

With the support of the national and provincial governments, Shanxi has made preparations for the overall protection plan for its sections of the Great Wall, completed the delineation of the protection scope and the erection of signs and carried out maintenance of the walls and the gates at the Yanmen Pass and Pingxing Pass.

In addition, the province has overseen the construction of the Great Wall national cultural parks, to integrate cultural relics and cultural resources along the Great Wall. A sum of 5 million yuan was arranged by Shanxi Provincial Department of Finance to facilitate the parks' construction.